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Anna Pattens Bio



Anna Patten has over 10 years’ experience in the realm of social media and knows how to raise her social scepter for good, bringing peace and prosperity to all her clients’ kingdoms. Having studied the dark arts of Facebook and twitter at the hands of a genius in the adult industry, Anna has managed to stay on the cutting edge of new technology that springs up every day.

She is well versed in many social platforms and she makes a mean bundt cake. (Really, you should try her German chocolate one! She serves it with a little dollop of sour cream, its delish) When she is not behind her computer slaving away, you can find her behind her computer writing novels or behind her camera shooting things and then behind her computer editing them.

Social media guru, writer of things, ghost hunter, Gal Friday Extraordinaire…Anna Patten works social media well and she is the dark knight you can cheer for at the joust.