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Maximize your Chipotle budgets – Mmmm

Need to maximize your Mexican lunch budgets?… Use these great tips to get more out of your Chipotle visit!  You’ll thank us later. “Mmmmm Chipotle!” • Smile at your server. Seriously, this is important. • Get a burrito bowl. Analysis confirms that you get substantially more food by ordering the bowl instead of a traditional […]

Super Suit?… Yeah, I’ll take 5 IronMan’s please.

Welcome to the future! Lockheed Martin has developed Fortis, an exoskeleton that can shoulder the first 36 pounds of whatever its user is holding.  The company is beginning to test the technology in factories around the country. Putting on Fortis looks a bit like attaching robot parts to your own appendages, with metal rods and braces […]

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