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We are about the buzz…  Public Relations, Social Media, Buzz-Worthy Events and Branding, all create the buzz needed to put your business on the map. Our Evil Geniuses will create a fiendishly good and diabolically executed plan that will get you noticed. We can set you apart from the pack.  Client industries range from hospitality, fashion & entertainment… to retail, restaurant & beauty.

The new media age has brought unprecedented changes in the way companies present themselves to their customers.  Our team of experts will wade through all the options available and choose those best suited for your needs.  Large businesses have a greater margin to waste capital and resources for testing ideas…  Small & mid-sized businesses do not have the same luxury,  therefore a focused plan, with experienced geniuses, can help maximize budgets.

With an Evil Genius

on your side, your plan will stay focused.  Our integrated approach will provide essential accountability throughout your program and prevent your campaign from drifting off course.


 And of course

we will go the extra mile for our clients… we’ll even get you sharks, with freakin’ laser beams, attached to their heads.

“What kills the skunk is the publicity it gives itself.”  ~Abraham Lincoln


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“Creativity without strategy is art.  Creativity with strategy is advertising!“   ~Jef I. Richards




“If I would have asked people what they wanted… They would have said faster horses”  ~ Henry Ford



Maximize your Chipotle budgets – Mmmm

Need to maximize your Mexican lunch budgets?… Use these great tips to get more out of your Chipotle visit!  You’ll thank us later. “Mmmmm Chipotle!” • Smile at your server. Seriously, this is important. • Get a burrito bowl. Analysis confirms that you get substantially more food by ordering the bowl instead of a traditional […]

Super Suit?… Yeah, I’ll take 5 IronMan’s please.

Welcome to the future! Lockheed Martin has developed Fortis, an exoskeleton that can shoulder the first 36 pounds of whatever its user is holding.  The company is beginning to test the technology in factories around the country. Putting on Fortis looks a bit like attaching robot parts to your own appendages, with metal rods and braces […]

isn’t it time for you to have an evil genius on your side.

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